The Chinese Research and Translations

of Professor William Dolby

We are a small bookshop / publisher based in Dundee, Scotland, dealing with the publications, translations and research of the late Dr William Dolby (Bill), Sinologist and researcher, former lecturer and professor of classical Chinese at the University of Edinburgh, and a world renowned expert on Medieval Chinese literature, drama and theatre.

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Our mission, through kind donation and combined effort, is to republish an immense 50-years-in-the-making collection of translations and research into past and ancient China and the language by William (Bill) Dolby - work that has to-date remained largely obscured and inaccessible.

Some of Bill's research is captured in thirty-three separate and very individual works titled the 'Chinese Culture Series', but many other previously unpublished or unfinished works will also be made available.

The republication process involves the large-scale edit of some mashed-up and prehistoric word (or older) documents, all with the need for Chinese character reinsertion and a serious edit for modern presentation.

To obtain the current 'fruits of our labours', please visit the AMAZON platform (print on demand or Kindle).

If any cultural bodies or institutions, universities or private publishers are interested in all or any of William Dolby's Chinese Cultural Series, either to obtain a donation of the remaining self-published books or to republish one or more volumes, then please do get in touch. We aim to get as much as we can into the public domain and any help to do so is appreciated.